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Co-expression of PeDREB2a and KcERF Improves Drought and Salt Tolerance in Transgenic Lotus corniculatus

Wang, Dan, Luo, Wen, Khurshid, Muhammad, Gao, Lihua, Sun, Zhanmin, Zhou, Meiliang, Wu, Yanmin
Journal of plant growth regulation 2018 v.37 no.2 pp. 550-559
Lotus corniculatus, drought, gene overexpression, genes, phenotype, physiology, plant adaptation, salt stress, salt tolerance, transcription factors, transgenic plants, water stress
DREB and ERF transcription factors play important roles in plant adaptation to abiotic stress. This study explores the function of co-overexpression of PeDREB2a and KcERF in transgenic Lotus corniculatus under abiotic stress. The two genes PeDREB2a and KcERF were expressed in L. corniculatus to study the effect on phenotype, physiology, and biochemical aspects of transgenic plants under drought and salt stress. The results indicated that transgenic L. corniculatus plants show better growth as compared to wild type under drought and salt conditions. Transgenic plants also showed elevated expression of stress-related genes under normal conditions, salt, and drought stress. The results revealed that co-overexpression of the two transcription factors, PeDREB2a, and KcERF, improved drought and salt tolerance in transgenic L. corniculatus.