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Image re-sampling detection through a novel interpolation kernel

Hilal, Alaa
Forensic science international 2018 v.287 pp. 25-35
algorithms, correlation, databases, digital images, models, seeds
Image re-sampling involved in re-size and rotation transformations is an essential element block in a typical digital image alteration. Fortunately, traces left from such processes are detectable, proving that the image has gone a re-sampling transformation. Within this context, we present in this paper two original contributions. First, we propose a new re-sampling interpolation kernel. It depends on five independent parameters that controls its amplitude, angular frequency, standard deviation, and duration. Then, we demonstrate its capacity to imitate the same behavior of the most frequent interpolation kernels used in digital image re-sampling applications. Secondly, the proposed model is used to characterize and detect the correlation coefficients involved in re-sampling transformations. The involved process includes a minimization of an error function using the gradient method. The proposed method is assessed over a large database of 11,000 re-sampled images. Additionally, it is implemented within an algorithm in order to assess images that had undergone complex transformations. Obtained results demonstrate better performance and reduced processing time when compared to a reference method validating the suitability of the proposed approaches.