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Recovery and utilization of seaweed pigments in food processing

Aryee, Alberta NA, Agyei, Dominic, Akanbi, Taiwo O
Current opinion in food science 2018 v.19 pp. 113-119
Chlorophyta, Phaeophyceae, Rhodophyta, biomass, cosmetics, feed additives, feeds, fertilizers, food processing, fuels, hydrocolloids, industry, macroalgae, pigments, protocols
The seaweed industry is a multi-billion venture, owing to the plethora of products that can be obtained from it, including hydrocolloids (as thickening and gelling agent); biomass for fuel, fertilizer, animal feed additives; biomolecules for cosmetics; and food-grade pigments. Seaweeds such as red algae, brown algae, and green algae are an excellent source of a large range of natural food colours which imparts sensorial and health properties to food. The type, amount, and biochemical compositions, and biological properties of seaweed pigment are highly variable, and these characteristics affect the choice of protocol useful for extracting these pigments. Techniques for the recovery of seaweed pigments in worthwhile owing to the growth in interest of natural food colours that also provide health benefits.