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Estradiol benzoate treatment before ovum pick-up increases the number of good quality oocytes retrieved and improves the production of transferable embryos in Japanese Black cattle

Hidaka, Takemasa, Fukumoto, Yutaka, Yamamoto, Yuusuke, Ogata, Yasuhiro, Horiuchi, Toshitaka
Veterinary and Animal Science 2018 v.5 pp. 1-6
Wagyu, blastocyst, cows, cross-over studies, estradiol, oocytes, ovarian follicles, ultrasonography
The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of treatment with estradiol benzoate (EB) at luteal phase prior to the ovum pick-up (OPU) during in vitro production of transferable embryos in Japanese Black cattle. A total of 15 cows were used as oocyte donors for OPU. Of those, four donors were randomly allocated (three times) into each of two treatment groups as a crossover study, and OPU session was carried out six times per one donor. Another eleven donors were used in a paired difference test by one crossover trial. Donors in the control group received no hormonal treatment; whereas, donors in the EB group received 1 mg of EB as a single injection. First, we observed dynamics of ovarian follicles and emergence of follicular wave after EB injection using transrectal ultrasonography. The number and proportion of medium-sized follicles with 4 to 6 mm in diameter increased gradually and achieved a peak at 72 and 96 hours after EB injection. The OPU was performed 88 hours after EB injection. The EB-treated donors had a higher proportion of follicles with 4 to 6 mm in diameters at the time of OPU. The stimulation with EB significantly increased the numbers of follicles aspirated, and the good quality cumulus-oocyte complexes per OPU. Furthermore, in the EB group, the percentage of transferable blastocysts was significantly greater than that in the control group (P<0.05). In conclusion, a single EB injection before OPU increases the number of medium-sized follicles and can produce more transferable embryos.