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Replacing fish meal with a blend of poultry by‐product meal and feather meal in diets for giant croaker (Nibea japonica)

Wu, Y.B., Ren, X., Chai, X.J., Li, P., Wang, Y.
Aquaculture nutrition 2018 v.24 no.3 pp. 1085-1091
Nibea, body composition, condition factor, diet, feather meal, feed conversion, fish meal, fish production, hepatosomatic index, nitrogen, nitrogen retention, phosphorus, poultry meal, wastes, weight gain
An 8‐week feeding trial was conducted to evaluate the potential of replacing fish meal with poultry by‐product meal (PBM) and feather meal (FEM) in giant croaker (Nibea japonica) diet. The control diet (C) contained 400 g/kg fish meal, and 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% of the fish meal in diet C was replaced by a blend of PBM and FEM (PBM: FEM = 7:3) in diets B20, B40, B60 and B80, respectively. The weight gain and feed intake of fish fed diet C did not differ from those of fish fed diets B20 and B40 (p > .05), but were higher than those of fish fed diets B60 and B80 (p < .05). Phosphorus retention efficiency was lower in fish fed diets C, B20 and B40 than in fish fed diets R60 and R80 (p < .05). No significant differences were found in feed conversion ratio, nitrogen retention efficiency, condition factor, hepatosomatic index, body composition and nitrogen waste among the treatments (p > .05). Ratio of fish meal consumption to fish production linearly declined with the decrease in dietary fish meal level. This study indicates that dietary fish meal for giant croaker could be reduced to 240 g/kg by inclusion of the blend of PBM and FEM.