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Separation of three polar compounds from Rheum tanguticum by high‐speed countercurrent chromatography with an ethyl acetate/glacial acetic acid/water system

Chen, Tao, Wang, Ping, Wang, Nana, Sun, Chongyang, Yang, Xue, Li, Hongmei, Zhou, Guoying, Li, Yulin
Journal of separation science 2018 v.41 no.8 pp. 1775-1780
Rheum tanguticum, acetic acid, catechin, countercurrent chromatography, ethyl acetate, gallic acid, glucosides, polar compounds, porous media, solvents
The separation of polar compounds by high‐speed countercurrent chromatography is still regarded as a challenge. In this study, an efficient strategy for the separation of three polar compounds from Rheum tanguticum has been successfully conducted by using high‐speed countercurrent chromatography. X‐5 macroporous resin chromatography was used for the fast enrichment of the target compounds. Then, the target fraction was directly introduced into high‐speed countercurrent chromatography for separation using ethyl acetate/glacial acetic acid/water (100:1:100, v/v/v) as the solvent system. Consequently, three polar compounds including gallic acid, catechin, and gallic acid 4‐O‐β‐d‐(6′‐O‐galloyl) glucoside were obtained with purities higher than 98%. The results showed glacial acetic acid could be such an appropriate regulator for the ethyl acetate/water system. This study provides a reference for the separation of polar compounds from natural products by high‐speed countercurrent chromatography.