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Additions to the Lichen Diversity of Macedonia (FYROM)

Malíček, Jiří, Mayrhofer, Helmut
Herzogia 2017 v.30 no.2 pp. 431-444
Caloplaca, Candelariella, Gyalecta, Lecanora, Parmelia, Sarcogyne, basins, fungi, lichens, mountains, national parks, new species, river valleys, Macedonia
Selected localities in Galičica National Park, Matka canyon in the Suva Gora Mountains, Mavrovo National Park, Ohrid Basin, Vardar River valley and Popova Šapka in the Šar Planina Mountains were briefly studied during a field excursion in 2014. Seventy-seven lichenized fungi are reported for the first time from Macedonia (FYROM); eight species (Candelariella aggregata, Halecania viridescens, Lecanora albula, Lepraria diffusa, Normandina acroglypta, Parmelia barrenoae, Sarcogyne fallax and Schaereria corticola) are new to the Balkan Peninsula. Caloplaca substerilis, Fuscopannaria mediterranea, Gyalecta croatica, G. geoica, Leptochidium albociliatum, Lobarina scrobiculata, Protoblastenia lilacina, Sclerophora pallida and Thelopsis rubella represent other remarkable records. An enigmatic collection of an Immersaria, closely resembling I. athroocarpa and possibly representing a new species, is briefly discussed. The present paper brings the total number of lichenized and lichenicolous fungi known for Macedonia to 675 and 22, respectively.