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Vegetative propagation by stem cuttings and establishment of the Mediterranean aromatic and medicinal plant Teucrium capitatum

Martini, A. N., Papafotiou, M., Akoumianaki-Ioannidou, A.
Acta horticulturae 2017 no.1189 pp. 455-460
Teucrium, composts, dipping, grape pomace, indole butyric acid, medicinal plants, plantlets, shoots, softwood cuttings, spring, vegetative propagation, water solubility
The aim of the study was to develop a protocol for vegetative propagation of Teucrium capitatum, in order to facilitate its use as an ornamental. Stem tip cuttings bearing or not short axillary shoots were collected in all seasons for two years and treated with 3-indolebutyric acid (ΙΒΑ), either as rooting powder for herbaceous/softwood cuttings, or as ethanol-water solution (1:1, v/v) at four concentrations, i.e., 0 (control), 1000, 2000 or 3000 mg L-1 IBA, for 1 min dipping time, before inserting into a peat-perlite mixture 1:1 (v/v). None of the cuttings treated with powder ΙΒΑ rooted. Stem tip cuttings, bearing axillary shoots, rooted at higher percentages (70-90%) after dipping in solutions with 1000-3000 mg L-1 IBA than in the control. Stem tip cuttings without axillary shoots rooted less effectively, at higher percentages in spring (65-85%) compared to other seasons. Plantlets produced by cuttings collected in spring were transplanted in a peat-perlite 2:1 (v/v) mixture and were fertilized monthly with 2 or 4 g L-1 of water soluble fertilizer. Alternatively, plantlets were transplanted either in a peat-perlite-grape marc compost 1:1:1 (v/v) mixture, or in a mixture of enriched peat-perlite 2:1 (v/v), and were not fertilized. Three months after transplanting, plantlets survived at satisfactory percentages (70-90%), formed longer main shoots, but less axillary shoots per plant, when they were fertilized with 2 g L-1 or grown in the grape marc compost mixture compared to those fertilized with 4 g L-1. Plantlets grown in the enriched peat-perlite mixture survived at 75%, but the main shoots were extremely elongated and crawling.