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The field vegetable fertilization and soil available nutrients inter-annual variation research in Beijing suburb

Wen, F. F., Zhao, Y. Z., Jia, X. H., Liao, H., Li, X. J., Wang, S. T., Liu, Z. F.
Acta horticulturae 2018 no.1192 pp. 57-64
NPK fertilizers, absorption, fertilizer application, mineral fertilizers, nutrient availability, nutrient balance, poultry manure, soil, suburban areas, vegetable growing, vegetables, China
Based on the 1184 investigation reports and 161 soil sample data in Beijing suburb of field vegetable from 1996 to 2014, we analyzed the inter-annual variability of fertilizer type, fertilization, nutrient balance and soil available nutrients. Results showed that chicken manure and NPK chemical fertilizer were the preferred fertilizer varieties for field vegetable production. Compared with 1990s, although annual fertilization and nutrient surplus degree was significantly reduced at current stage, nutrient inputs are still more than crop uptake, inconsistent with crop absorption. Besides, three major elements are still applied with unreasonable proportions. According to evaluation, field vegetable are lacking of available alkali-hydrolyzable N and with too high available P.