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Carbon budget of a virginNothofagus forest in Tierra del Fuego

Weber, Michael
Forstwissenschaftliches Centralblatt 1999 v.118 no.1-6 pp. 156-166
Nothofagus pumilio, belowground biomass, carbon, carbon sinks, coarse woody debris, forest inventory, global carbon budget, ground vegetation, old-growth forests, soil, stand structure, trees, virgin forests, wood degradation
The paper presents the carbon budget of a virgin forest ofNothofagus pumilio (Lenga) in the Argentinean part of Tierra del Fuego. Stand and soil data were collected by inventory of sample plots. Above and below ground biomass was estimated by regression functions derived from biomass analyses of trees. Mean densities of decomposed wood were determined for four decomposition stages. The total carbon stock in the investigated stand was 304 t C/ha. The highest proportion (203 t C/ha) was in living dendromass and its amount was largely independent from stand structure. Coarse woody debris contributed 34 t C/ha (11%) to the total budget, whereas the share of ground vegetation (0,4 t C/ha) was negligible. Soil carbon was low with 66 t C/ha caused by the shallow sites in the research area. The study emphasizes the importance of old-growth forests as carbon stores.