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Regenerated cellulose from N-methylmorpholine N-oxide solutions as a coating agent for paper materials

Krysztof, Marta, Olejnik, Konrad, Kulpinski, Piotr, Stanislawska, Anna, Khadzhynova, Svitlana
Cellulose 2018 v.25 no.6 pp. 3595-3607
cellulose, coatings, contact angle, hydrophobicity, mechanical properties, paper
The objective of the presented research was to determine the influence of cellulose coating, obtained from the cellulose solution in N-Methylmorpholine N-oxide (NMMO), on the structural and mechanical properties of paper. The effect of heating time of paper samples coated with cellulose dissolved in NMMO was also investigated. Depending on the heating time of the coating, a continuous or porous layer was obtained. Coating without any heating stage yielded a continuous cellulose layer of hydrophobic properties (higher contact angle in comparison to base paper), and paper of higher smoothness and increased tear resistance. Analysis of the paper samples showed that cellulose coating not only changed the surface properties of paper, but also significantly improved paper strength properties, such as the tensile index, elongation, bursting strength index and double folds number. Despite the process’ limitations (e.g. necessity of removing the NMMO), this method can be considered as a novel approach for paper property modification.