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The influence of pressure sum, fiber blend ratio, and basis weight on wet strength and dispersibility of wood pulp/Lyocell wetlaid/spunlace nonwovens

Zhang, Yinjiang, Jin, Xiangyu
Journal of wood science 2018 v.64 no.3 pp. 256-263
dispersibility, wet strength, wood pulp
Wetlaid/spunlace(wetlace) nonwovens with sufficient wet strength in use and disintegration under flow field can be widely used in dispersible moist wipes. To achieve superior properties, wood pulp/Lyocell wetlace nonwovens at different process parameters including pressure sum (sum of each Jet Head pressure), Lyocell blend ratio, and basis weight were prepared. Meanwhile, the effects of these process parameters on the wet strength and dispersibility of materials were investigated. The results show that the wet strength of wood pulp/Lyocell wetlace nonwoven increases as the increase of process parameters. Pressure sum has positive linear relationship with material wet strength and exponential relationship with material dispersibility. When pressure sum is beyond 135 bars, material basis weight has significant influence on the dispersibility. Pressure sum of 210 bars is the key value that Lyocell content affects the material dispersibility. Overall, at the minimum pressure sum of 190 bars, wood pulp/Lyocell (60/40) wetlace nonwoven (80 g m⁻²) has dispersion critical value with maximum wet strength.