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Determining the robust optimal set of BMPs for urban runoff management in data-poor catchments

Aminjavaheri, Sayed Mohammad, Nazif, Sara
Journal of environmental planning and management 2018 v.61 no.7 pp. 1180-1203
basins, best management practices, hydrologic models, simulation models, urban areas, urban runoff, watersheds, Iran
Mismanagement of urban runoff can result in inundation which causes serious problems in providing urban services. Best management practices (BMPs) are used for urban runoff management. In this study, a method is proposed to determine the robust optimal set of BMPs for runoff management in data-poor catchments in urban areas. This method includes five main steps: (1) Sensitivity analysis to determine effective parameters in rainfall-runoff simulation model, (2) Calibration of the rainfall-runoff model based on selected effective parameters, (3) Developing a multi-objective optimization model to obtain the optimal sets of BMPs, (4) Selecting the final solutions using the Nash approach for ranking, (5) Evaluation of the robustness of the selected solution using the Management Option Rank Equivalence method. The proposed method is examined in an urban basin located in the north of Tehran, Iran. The results show that the proposed approach provides reliable results for urban runoff management in data-poor areas.