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As(V) and Sb(V) co-adsorption onto ferrihydrite: synergistic effect of Sb(V) on As(V) under competitive conditions

Wu, Debo, Sun, Sheng-Peng, He, Minghe, Wu, Zhangxiong, Xiao, Jie, Chen, XiaoDong, Wu, WinstonDuo
Environmental science and pollution research international 2018 v.25 no.15 pp. 14585-14594
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, adsorption, antimony, arsenic, chemical bonding, ferrihydrite, ionic strength, oxygen, pH, synergism
Competitive adsorption of As(V) and Sb(V) at environmentally relevant concentrations onto ferrihydrite was investigated. Batch experiments and XPS analyses confirmed that in a binary system, the presence of Sb(V) exhibited a slight synergistic effect on As(V) adsorption. XPS analyses showed that As(V) and Sb(V) adsorption led to obvious diminishment of Fe–O–Fe and Fe–O–H bonds respectively. At pH of 9, a more significant decrease of Fe–O–Fe was observed in the binary system than that in a single system, indicating that As(V) displayed an even stronger interaction with lattice oxygen atoms under competitive conditions. Basically, ionic strength demonstrated a negligible or positive influence on As(V) and Sb(V) adsorption in binary system. Study of adsorption sequence also indicated that the presence of Sb(V) showed a promotion effect on As(V) adsorption at neutral pHs. Considering that co-contamination of As and Sb in waters has been of great concern throughout the world, our findings contributed to a better understanding of their distribution, mobility, and fate in environment.