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Synthetic Zeolite A as Zinc and Manganese Fertilizer in Calcareous Soil

Pasković, Igor, Pecina, Marija, Bronić, Josip, Perica, Slavko, Ban, Dean, Ban, Smiljana Goreta, Pošćić, Filip, Palčić, Igor, Herak Ćustić, Mirjana
Communications in soil science and plant analysis 2018 v.49 no.9 pp. 1072-1082
NPK fertilizers, calcareous soils, cultivars, leaves, manganese, manganese fertilizers, olives, vegetative growth, zeolites, zinc
The Leccino olive cultivar was grown in pots contained calcareous rendzina soil amended with NPK fertilizer (control treatment) or with further addition of Zeolite A (ZA) containing either zinc (Zn²⁺) or manganese (Mn²⁺) (Zn-ZA and Mn-ZA). After one year, vegetative growth and root morphological parameters were measured and elemental analysis was performed on the root, stem, and leaves. Compared to other treatments, the Zn-ZA fertilizer enhanced Zn concentration and total quantity in the root, stem, and leaves, as well as the root diameter. The root volume was greater using Zn-ZA treatment than control treatment. The total quantity of Mn in root and the root length were enhanced when using Mn-ZA compared to control or Zn-ZA treatment. According to the results of this study, it appears that zeolites containing Zn provide favorable conditions for Zn uptake in calcareous soils, while both Zn and Mn zeolites have a positive impact on olive root morphology.