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Preparation and application of potato flour with low gelatinization degree using flash drying

Li, Juan, Shen, Cunkuan, Ge, Bingquan, Wang, Li, Wang, Ren, Luo, Xiaohu, Chen, Zhengxing
Drying technology 2018 v.36 no.3 pp. 374-382
cooking, cooking quality, drying, enthalpy, gelatinization, gelatinization temperature, granules, noodles, pasting properties, potato flour, potatoes, starch, thermal properties, viscosity
A novel processing method of potato flour with a low starch gelatinization degree was realized by flash drying technique. Starch gelatinization degree, pasting properties, thermal characteristics, and morphological features between commercial potato flours (commercial potato flake and commercial potato granule) and flash-dried potato flour were analyzed and compared. Results showed that the gelatinization degree of flash-dried potato flour (14.52%) was reduced by nearly 80% than the commercial potato flours (about 95%). Typical viscosity profile, enthalpy value, and morphology features of flash-dried potato flour were retained maximally through an optimized processing of flash drying. The gelatinization temperature and pasting viscosity of flash-dried potato flour were increased significantly than the commercial potato flour. Besides, the intact morphological structure of flash-dried potato flour granules were kept due to the processing of flash drying. By utilizing the low gelatinization degree of flash-dried potato flour, desirable potato noodles were prepared with the ratio of potato flour up to 50%. Textural characteristics and cooking performance such as broken rate and cooking loss of flash-dried potato noodles were superior to these of the commercial potato flours (in the same amount) added noodles.