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Storage stability of essential oil of cumin (Cuminum Cyminum L.) as a function of temperature

Mehdizadeh, Leila, Ghasemi Pirbalouti, Abdollah, Moghaddam, Mohammad
International journal of food properties 2017 v.20 no.sup2 pp. 1742-1750
Cuminum cyminum, aldehydes, ambient temperature, beta-pinene, boiling, cumin, essential oils, freezers, fruits, herbs, oils, p-cymene, refrigerators, stomach, storage quality, storage temperature
Cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.) is one of the most important herbs known for stomach disorders. In this study, storage temperature effects on the quality of cumin essential oil were investigated. Changes in essential oils compositions were detected during storage for six months in a refrigerator (4°C), a freezer (−20°C), and at room temperature (25°C). The main constituents of the essential oil from the cumin fruits under different conditions of storage were cumin aldehyde belonging to oxygenated monoterpenes and p-cymene, and β-pinene belonging to monoterpene hydrocarbons. Results indicated that at room temperature, the proportions of compounds with lower boiling temperatures such as β-pinene (1.57–10.03%) and p-cymene (14.93–24.9%) were decreased; however, cumin aldehyde (45.45–64.31%) increased during cumin oil storage. Furthermore, the oil compositions showed the least alterations and C. cyminum kept its primary quality when stored at low temperatures.