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Effects of flour or flaxseed oil upon testis mass in rats subjected to early weaning

da Costa, Carlos Alberto Soares, da Camara Boueri, Bianca Ferolla, Pessanha, Carolina Ribeiro, Boaventura, Gilson Teles
Natural product research 2018 v.32 no.8 pp. 987-990
blood serum, cholesterol, diet, early weaning, flour, linseed, linseed oil, mothers, pups, rats, testes, triacylglycerols
Study evaluates testis mass in rats subjected to early weaning and subsequently nourished with diet containing flour or flaxseed oil. Pups were weaned for separation from mothers at 14 days (early weaning, EW) and 21 days (control, C). After 21 days, the control group (C60) was nourished with control diet. EW was divided as: control (EWC60), flaxseed flour (EWFF60) and flaxseed oil (EWFO60) group diets for the next 60 days. At 21st and 60th day, body mass, serum cholesterol and triglycerides and testis mass were evaluated. At 21 day, EW group showed lower (p < 0.05) body mass, serum cholesterol and testis mass. At 60 days, EWC60 and EWFO60 groups showed lower (p < 0.05) body mass (vs. C60 and EWFF60). EWFF60 group showed lower (p < 0.05) serum cholesterol (vs. EWC60 and EWFO60) and higher (p < 0.05) testis mass (vs. C60, EWC60 and EWFO60). Flaxseed flour (vs. oil) was associated with higher testis mass following early weaning.