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Iridoid glycosides and polyphenolic compounds from Teucrium chamaedrys L.

Frezza, Claudio, Venditti, Alessandro, Matrone, Giorgia, Serafini, Ilaria, Foddai, Sebastiano, Bianco, Armandodoriano, Serafini, Mauro
Natural product research 2018 v.32 no.13 pp. 1583-1589
Teucrium chamaedrys, chemical constituents of plants, chemotaxonomy, chromatography, iridoid glycosides, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, polyphenols, toxicity, traditional medicine, verbascoside, Italy
In this work, the phytochemical analysis of Teucrium chamaedrys L. collected in Italy was reported. Eight compounds were isolated and identified by means of classical column chromatography and spectroscopic techniques, such as NMR and MS. In detail, these compounds were: verbascoside (1), forsythoside b (2), samioside (3), alyssonoside (4), harpagide (5), 8-O-acetyl-harpagide (6), cirsiliol (7) and β-arbutin (8). The presence of these compounds, in particular iridoids and phenyl-ethanoid glycosides, has a chemotaxonomic relevance and results to be in perfect accordance with the current botanical classification of the species. In addition, it provides a phytochemical rationale for the use of this particular plant in the ethno-pharmacological field. Conversely, it is worth of mention the absence of potentially toxic components, unlike to what observed in other species of the genus which can no longer be used for ethno-medicinal purposes.