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Annotated checklist of Afrotropical Trogolaphysa Mills, 1938 (Hexapoda: Collembola: Paronellidae) and description of a new species from Madagascar

Nguyen, Minh, Soto-Adames, Felipe N.
Zoosystema 2018 v.40 no.2 pp. 179-196
Collembola, new species, taxonomic keys, Africa, Madagascar, Seychelles
The Paronellini Börner, 1906 of Africa and Madagascar are poorly known. Nineteen Paronella-like species have been reported from Africa, but it is unclear how they are distributed among genera as currently defined. Here we review all references containing descriptions and reports of Paronella-like species from Africa, Madagascar and the Seychelles. And based on that information we propose generic allocations for all forms. As a result, 11 species are referred to Trogolaphysa Mills, 1938; three to Paronella Schött, 1893; one to Troglopedetes Absolon, 1907; one may be assigned to either Trogolaphysa or Lepidonella Yosii, 1960; one could be placed in Trichorypha Schött, 1893 or Paronella, and two are nomina nuda. For all forms referred to as Trogolaphysa we provide a short list of synonymy, diagnosis, and an identification key. We also described a new species, Trogolaphysa judithnajtae n. sp., from Madagascar, which is distinguished from Trogolaphysa wahlgreni (Mitra, 2002) n. comb. by being blue instead of white, lacking labral papillae, and having two rows of spines on the dens instead of one.