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Micronutrients in the fruits and leaves of irrigated and non-irrigated coffee plants

Covre, André Monzoli, Partelli, Fábio Luiz, Bonomo, Robson, Gontijo, Ivoney
Journal of plant nutrition 2018 v.41 no.9 pp. 1119-1129
Coffea canephora, boron, flowering, fruits, genotype, irrigation, leaves, plantations, ripening
The growing requirement for micronutrients by increasingly more productive Robusta coffee genotypes and for the expansion of coffee plantations into low fertility soils has led to the need for better understanding of the micronutrient dynamics in Robusta coffee plants. The aim of the present study was to investigate micronutrient concentrations and their accumulation from flowering to fruit ripening, as well as micronutrient leaf concentrations throughout the year, in irrigated and non-irrigated Coffea canephora plants. Three-year-old Robusta coffee plants of genotype 02 were used. The fruit micronutrient accumulation curves for irrigated and non-irrigated Robusta coffee plants were best fitted by sigmoid functions. Irrigation resulted in higher micronutrient accumulation in fruits. Iron and boron were the micronutrients found in the highest amounts in fruits and leaves.