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Remobilization and utilization of phosphorus in wheat cultivars under induced phosphorus deficiency

Abbas, Muhammad, Shah, Javaid Ahmed, Irfan, Muhammad, Memon, Muhammad Yousuf
Journal of plant nutrition 2018 v.41 no.12 pp. 1522-1533
biomass production, cultivars, leaves, nutrient solutions, phosphorus, roots, wheat
A solution culture study was conducted to compare the phosphorus (P) remobilization efficiency of four wheat cultivars under induced P deficiency. Wheat cultivars, i.e. Sarsabz, NIA-Sunder, NIA-Amber and NIA-Saarang were initially grown on adequate P nutrition for 30 days and then exposed to P-free nutrient solution for next 15 days to study P remobilization. Completely randomized design (CRD) with ten replicates per cultivar was employed. Cultivars varied for biomass production, P concentration, P uptake, and P utilization efficiency at both harvests. Overall, more than 75% of absorbed P was mobilized from older leaves to younger leaves as well as roots of all cultivars during P-omission period. However, cultivars could not produce significant variations (P < 0.05) in P remobilization, which implied that P remobilization was only a stress response to P deficiency in wheat cultivars and it could not be related to P utilization efficiency of these cultivars.