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Stimulation in the movement and uptake of phosphorus in response to magnetic P solution and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in Ocimum basilicum

Shabani, Edris, Bolandnazar, Sahebali, Tabatabaei, Seyed Jalal, Najafi, Nosratollah, Alizadeh-Salteh, Saeedeh, Rouphael, Youssef
Journal of plant nutrition 2018 v.41 no.13 pp. 1662-1673
Ocimum basilicum, basil, greenhouse experimentation, magnetic fields, mycorrhizal fungi, nutrient solutions, phosphorus, plant tissues, soil, water solubility
A greenhouse experiment was conducted to assess the effects of magnetic field, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF), and phosphorus (P) concentration in the nutrient solution (0, 5, 10, 20, or 40 mg L⁻¹) on the mobility and accumulation of P in soil and plant tissues of basil (Ocimum basilicum L.). The experiment was designed as a factorial combination and treatments were arranged in a completely randomized design with four replicates. Magnetic field increased water-soluble P in the soil and P concentration in plant shoot by 30.0% and 13.0%, respectively, in comparison to the control. The application of magnetic field and inoculation of AMF at 10 mg P L⁻¹ increased the P translocation efficiency by 23.3% and 17.8%, respectively. Overall, our results demonstrated that the use of magnetic field and AMF could be an effective tool for enhancing of uptake and movement efficiency of P even at low concentrations.