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Norway spruce emblings as cutting donors for tree breeding and production

Tikkinen, Mikko, Varis, Saila, Peltola, Heli, Aronen, Tuija
Scandinavian journal of forest research 2018 v.33 no.3 pp. 207-214
Picea abies, clones, containers, cutting, forest regeneration, genotype, nursery stock, root cuttings, rooting, somatic embryogenesis, tree breeding, Scandinavia
In the Nordic countries, Norway spruce (Picea abies) is a major species in tree breeding. In order to facilitate breeding work and availability of highly bred forest regeneration material, the time required for breeding and implementation of results should be shortened. This could be done by accelerating production of clonal material for field testing, and possibly for planting stock, by combining production of rooted cuttings with somatic embryogenesis (SE). This would allow efficient production of numerous plants of the same genotype, with equal age and propagation history between genotypes. In the present work, we studied the rooting potential of cuttings from Norway spruce emblings. Altogether 36 clones from 12 families representing elite breeding materials and ornamental forms were examined under different rooting conditions (container type and rooting media) in 2015 and 2016. Our results show that Norway spruce emblings are good donors for cuttings. Best combination (peat–vermiculite mixture and Plantek 81f containers) resulted in 91% rooting, variation among the tested clones of elite breeding materials being 55–100% per treatment. The rooting variation between families is acceptable for breeding purposes. High rooting (87–96%) of ornamental forms indicates propagation potential with the combination of SE and rooted cuttings.