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A novel single-stage LED driver for energy-saving streetlight applications with interleaved power-factorcorrection

Cheng, Chun-An, Tseng, Ching-Hsien, Feng, Ping-Han, Tseng, Kuo-Ching
International journal of green energy 2018 v.15 no.5 pp. 286-295
electric power, energy conservation, light emitting diodes, prototypes, topology
This paper proposes a novel single-stage light-emitting diode (LED) driver with interleaved power-factor corrections (PFC) suitable for energy-saving streetlight applications. The presented circuit combines an interleaved boost PFC converter with a half-bridge-type series-resonant converter cascaded with a full-bridge rectifier into a single-stage power-conversion topology. Two inductors in the interleaved boost PFC converter sub-circuit are designed to operate in discontinuous-conduction mode (DCM) in order to achieve input-current shaping, and the half-bridge-type series-resonant converter cascaded with a full-bridge rectifier is designed to obtain zero-voltage switching (ZVS) on two power switches to reduce their switching losses. The proposed driver features high power factor, low total-harmonic distortion (THD) of input current, and high circuit efficiency, all of which results in energy savings. A prototype driver is developed and implemented to supply a 165W-rated LED streetlight module with utility-line input voltages ranging from 210 V to 230 V. In addition, satisfactory experimental results have demonstrated the feasibility of the proposed LED driver.