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Raingauge network optimization in a tropical urban area by coupling cross-validation with the geostatistical technique

Ali, Mohd Zaharifudin Muhamad, Othman, Faridah
Hydrological sciences journal 2018 v.63 no.3 pp. 474-491
data quality, geostatistics, hydrology, meteorological data, rain, rain gauges, urban areas, watersheds
An adequate and reliable raingauge network is essential for observing rainfall data in hydrology and water resource applications. A raingauge network developed for a catchment area is commonly extended periodically to increase data accuracy. Due to financial constraints, the network is reviewed for the optimal number of stations. A new optimization approach is developed in this study by coupling a cross-validation technique with a geostatistical method for raingauge network optimization to prioritize raingauge stations. The spatial interpolation error of the spatial rainfall distribution, measured as the root mean square error (Eᵣₘₛ) optimization criterion is applied to a raingauge network in a tropical urban area. The results indicate that this method can successfully optimize the number of rainfall stations in an existing raingauge network, as the stations are prioritized based on their importance in the network.