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A comparison of multiple classifier combinations using different voting-weights for remote sensing image classification

Shen, Huaifei, Lin, Yinghao, Tian, Qingjiu, Xu, Kaijian, Jiao, Junnan
International journal of remote sensing 2018 v.39 no.11 pp. 3705-3722
Landsat, algorithms, land cover, remote sensing
Remote sensing image classification is a common application of remote sensing images. In order to improve the performance of Remote sensing image classification, multiple classifier combinations are used to classify the Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager (Landsat-8 OLI) images. Some techniques and classifier combination algorithms are investigated. The classifier ensemble consisting of five member classifiers is constructed. The results of every member classifier are evaluated. The voting strategy is experimented to combine the classification results of the member classifier. The results show that all the classifiers have different performances and the multiple classifier combination provides better performance than a single classifier, and achieves higher overall accuracy of classification. The experiment shows that the multiple classifier combination using producer’s accuracy as voting-weight (MCCₘₒd₂ and MCCₘₒd₃) present higher classification accuracy than the algorithm using overall accuracy as voting-weight (MCCₘₒd₁).And the multiple classifier combinations using different voting-weights affected the classification result in different land-cover types. The multiple classifier combination algorithm presented in this article using voting-weight based on the accuracy of multiple classifier may have stability problems, which need to be addressed in future studies.