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Methane as an Organic Matter Source and the Trophic Basis of a Laptev Sea Cold Seep Microbial Community

Savvichev, Alexander S., Kadnikov, Vitaliy V., Kravchishina, Marina D., Galkin, Sergey V., Novigatskii, Alexander N., Sigalevich, Pavel A., Merkel, Alexander Yu., Ravin, Nikolai V., Pimenov, Nikolai V., Flint, Mikhail V.
Geomicrobiology journal 2018 v.35 no.5 pp. 411-423
Arcobacter, bacteria, bioturbation, methane, methanotrophs, microbial communities, organic matter, oxidation, sediments, sulfates, sulfur, tube worms
An area of cold methane seeps at the bottom of the Laptev Sea was investigated. High rates of methane oxidation were revealed in the sediments and in the water column. Anaerobic methane oxidation carried out by the ANME-2 a/b consortium was coupled to sulfate reduction. Bacteria of the genera Sulfurovum and Arcobacter were the agents of the sulfur cycle. Methane unconsumed in the sediments diffused into the near-bottom water, where it was oxidized by methanotrophic bacteria. Methanotrophic activity was essential for development of symbiotrophic tubeworms of the upper sediment layers, which were responsible for the process of bioturbation.