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Sudden water pollution accidents and reservoir emergency operations: impact analysis at Danjiangkou Reservoir

Zheng, Hezhen, Lei, Xiaohui, Shang, Yizi, Duan, Yang, Kong, Lingzhong, Jiang, Yunzhong, Wang, Hao
Environmental technology 2018 v.39 no.6 pp. 787-803
accidents, hydrodynamics, hydrologic models, pollutants, water pollution, water quality, water reservoirs, water supply
Danjiangkou Reservoir is the source reservoir of the Middle Route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project (MRP). Any sudden water pollution accident in the reservoir would threaten the water supply of the MRP. We established a 3-D hydrodynamic and water quality model for the Danjiangkou Reservoir, and proposed scientific suggestions on the prevention and emergency management for sudden water pollution accidents based on simulated results. Simulations were performed on 20 hypothetical pollutant discharge locations and 3 assumed amounts, in order to model the effect of pollutant spreading under different reservoir operation types. The results showed that both the location and mass of pollution affected water quality; however, different reservoir operation types had little effect. Five joint regulation scenarios, which altered the hydrodynamic processes of water conveyance for the Danjiangkou and Taocha dams, were considered for controlling pollution dispersion. The results showed that the spread of a pollutant could be effectively controlled through the joint regulation of the two dams and that the collaborative operation of the Danjiangkou and Taocha dams is critical for ensuring the security of water quality along the MRP.