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Mapping ecosystem service value in Germany

Jiang, Wei
Theinternational journal of sustainable development and world ecology 2018 v.25 no.6 pp. 518-534
cropland, ecosystem services, gross domestic product, issues and policy, land cover, Germany
Currently, a national TEEB study is being conducted in Germany. However, it lacks an overall estimation of ecosystem service value (ESV) at the national level. In this paper, we estimate the ESV in Germany based on the national land cover data and the unit value transfer method and examine the relationships between ESV and gross domestic product (GDP). The results indicate that the total ESV amounts to 248,895 million US$/yr, accounting for 7.91% of the sum of ESV and GDP. Cropland with 111,704 million US$/yr makes the largest contribution to the total ESV, and the second largest state, Lower Saxony, has the greatest ESV of 60,346 million US$/yr. In addition, a spatial pattern that distinguishes four regions in terms of the relationship between ESV and GDP at the district level is identified. This study illustrates the overall status of ecosystem services at the current point of time in Germany, raises public awareness about the magnitude of these services relative to other services captured in GDP, and implies suggestions for future research and ecological policy.