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Ewom and 2.0 Opinion Leaders in the Food Context: A Study with a Sample of Spanish Food-Related Weblogs

Sahelices-Pinto, César, Lanero-Carrizo, Ana, Vázquez-Burguete, José Luis, Gutierrez-Rodriguez, Pablo
Journal of food products marketing 2018 v.24 no.3 pp. 328-347
Internet, business enterprises, cluster analysis, food industry, foods, marketing, professionals
There is no doubt that the arrival of the internet has modified dramatically the way and rhythm of our lives which it reflects directly on our consumption patterns and the way in which individuals interact and search for information. Online platforms, generally known as web 2.0, are usual websites where consumers read reviews from other consumers before making a final decision. In turn, opinion leaders emerge preponderantly within this context exerting an unequal amount of influence on the decision of others. The food sector is not apart from this scenario. This study dives into web 2.0 and ewom with reference to food topics in the Spanish arena. For that purpose, a group of opinion leaders in regard to food aspects is selected. Afterwards, the content of the ewom they emit is determined by means of a cluster analysis. This information is of great importance for businesses and professionals in marketing. Discussion and further lines of research are also included in order to guide interesting future studies.