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The Effect of Organic Food Labels on Consumer Attention

Drexler, Denis, Fiala, Jan, Havlíčková, Anna, Potůčková, Anna, Souček, Martin
Journal of food products marketing 2018 v.24 no.4 pp. 441-455
consumer attitudes, decision making, flavor, food labeling, gender, interviews, men, organic foods, women
This paper aims to reveal consumer perceptions of organic food with a special emphasis on the labelling of organic products. The objectives were to find out, whether or not a significant difference between men´s and women´s perception existed. Two groups (88 subjects in the experimental group, 59 subjects in the control group) were shown various food labels; with organic product labelling (experimental) and without (control). Results suggest the importance of organic labelling using eye-tracking data and additional in-depth interviews to discover the importance of the labelling for participants. Based on eye-tracking data, the greatest visual attention was paid to product brand, graphic elements and organic labelling claims with additional information, such as a quantity or flavour, also being important. Additional in-depth interviews discovered that labelling, particularly of the origin, is important for most consumers. Contrary to what was expected, eye-tracking showed very little difference in the perception of organic product labelling based on gender. Although organic food is being purchased by more people, 50% of participants mentioned, during interviews, that they buy organic food only occasionally. The combination of eye-tracking and in-depth interviews shows that organic product labelling can play a role in decision-making, but regardless 27% of participants do not care about the organic quality labels or don’t pay attention to them.