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Consumer Attitude and Visit Intention toward Food-Trucks: Targeting Millennials

Yoon, Borham, Chung, Yeasun
Journal of foodservice business research 2018 v.21 no.2 pp. 187-199
consumer attitudes, decision making, food service, foods, marketing, purchasing, risk, trucks
Food-trucks are growing in popularity, and they are now part of the foodie culture. As they fit well with Millennials’ desire to try new things—new foods, and a new food culture—the number of trucks on the streets is expected to continue to rise. To understand, how millennial consumers think and make decisions about food-truck dining, this study identifies benefits and risks of food-truck dining and their impact on a millennial consumer’s attitude and visit intention. This study finds consumers see hygienic and environmental risk and convenience and hedonic benefits in food-truck dining. The findings from this study provide evidence that hygienic and environmental risks of food-trucks negatively influence consumers’ attitudes and visit intentions toward food-truck dining experience, while hedonic benefit leads to favorable attitude and visit intention. The findings further indicate that a significant relationship exists between consumer attitude and purchasing intention. This study helps food-truck marketers and operators to develop effective marketing and operational strategies to increase the visits of existing food-truck diners and attract potential consumers.