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Technical Efficiency in Production of Underutilized Indigenous Vegetables

Ajekiigbe, N. A., Ayanwale, A. B., Oyedele, D. J., Adebooye, O. C.
International journal of vegetable science 2018 v.24 no.2 pp. 193-201
food security, questionnaires, vegetable growing, vegetables
Increased efficiency and productivity in agriculture are important to food security. Technical efficiency, as it affects sustainable production of selected underutilized indigenous vegetables, using innovative production practices or not, was analyzed. Primary data were collected from 300 respondents using questionnaires. The data were interpreted with a stochastic production frontier analysis and difference of means. A mean technical efficiency score of 74% for users versus 56% for nonusers incorporating innovative production practices in their operations indicated that users were more technically efficient. Opportunities exist to increase productivity in indigenous vegetable production through more efficient inputs utilization.