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Molecular characterization and expression of Rab7 from Clonorchis sinensis and its potential role in autophagy

Jia, Feifei, Li, Ye, Huang, Yan, Chen, Tingjin, Li, Shan, Xu, Yanquan, Wu, Zhongdao, Li, Xuerong, Yu, Xinbing
Parasitology research 2013 v.112 no.7 pp. 2461-2467
Clonorchis sinensis, Escherichia coli, complementary DNA, eggs, genes, guanosinetriphosphatase, immunohistochemistry
Accumulating evidences suggest that Rab7 GTPase is important for the normal progression of autophagy. However, the role of Rab7 GTPase in regulation of autophagy in Clonorchis sinensis is not known. In this study, a gene encoding Rab7 was isolated from C. sinensis adult cDNA. Recombinant CsRab7 was expressed and purified from Escherichia coli. CsRab7 transcripts were detected in the cDNA of adult worm, metacercaria, cercaria, and egg of C. sinensis, and were highly expressed in the metacercaria. Immunohistochemical localization results revealed that CsRab7 was specifically deposited on the vitellarium and eggs of adult worm. Furthermore, EGFP signal of CsRab7WT and the active mutant CsRab7Q67L were associated with autophagic vesicles in transiently transfected 293T cells. It is concluded from the present study that CsRab7 GTPase possibly contributes to the development of C. sinensis and that the autophagy pathway could be an important site of action with respect to the developmental role of CsRab7 in C. sinensis.