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The digital ‘connected’ earth: open technology for providing location-based services on degraded communication environments

Piedrafita, Ramón, Béjar, Rubén, Blasco, Rubén, Marco, Alvaro, Zarazaga-Soria, F. Javier
International journal of digital earth 2018 v.11 no.8 pp. 761-782
databases, information exchange, portable equipment, wireless technology
In the current world, it is easy to listen that everybody and everything is connected. Over this connected world, the concept of location-based services has grown in order to provide digital services in everyplace and at every time. Nevertheless, this is not 100% true because the connection is not guaranteed for many people and in many places. These are the Degraded Communications Environments (DCE), environments where the availability of high-speed communications is not guaranteed in at least the 75% of the time. This paper works over the experience of a previous work in developing light protocols that do not need broadband for communication. This work provides an extension of these protocols for the inclusion of mobile devices as elements of the communication process and a set of libraries to allow the development of applications in DCE. The work done has involved the development of two frameworks: an Android framework that makes the incorporation of Android devices easier and a server-based framework that provides the server side for the development of the referred applications. A use case that uses these two frameworks has been developed. Finally, all technology developed is available throw a public Git repository.