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Kinetics of mercury uptake by oilseed rape and white lupin: influence of Mn and Cu

Esteban, Elvira, Deza, María Jesús, Zornoza, Pilar
Acta physiologiae plantarum 2013 v.35 no.7 pp. 2339-2344
Brassica napus var. napus, mercury, roots, temperature, transporters
Mercury influx in oilseed rape and white lupin was studied using short time influx experiments. The effect of Cu and Mn in Hg influx was also tested. Plants were grown for 2 weeks and then roots were incubated with increasing Hg concentrations (0-50 mu M HgCl2), both at 20 A degrees C and ice-cold temperature. An active, saturable component in Hg uptake was found in oilseed rape and white lupin, with K (m) and V (max) values in the range of low affinity transporters for essential micronutrients. A reduction in Hg uptake was observed in the presence of Mn for oilseed rape, suggesting that Hg influx is mediated by a Mn transporter. No effects of Cu on Hg influx were observed for any of the two plant species, suggesting a different transport system for Hg and Cu in roots of oilseed rape and white lupin.