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AAC W1876 hard red spring wheat

Cuthbert, R.D., DePauw, R.M., Knox, R.E., Singh, A.K., McCaig, T.N., McCallum, B., Fetch, T.
Canadian journal of plant science 2018 v.98 no.3 pp. 799-808
Fusarium head blight, Triticum aestivum, cultivars, flour, grain yield, hard red spring wheat, leaf rust, lodging, races, smut diseases, stem rust, straw, stripe rust
AAC W1876 hard red spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) has grain yield and time to maturity within the range of the check cultivars: Katepwa, Laura, Lillian, Carberry, and CDC Kernen. AAC W1876 has an awned spike, a low lodging score indicative of strong straw, and a short plant stature typical of a semidwarf wheat. AAC W1876 expressed resistance to prevalent races of leaf rust, moderate resistance to stem rust, and intermediate resistance to Fusarium head blight, yellow rust, common bunt, and loose smut. Compared with the Canada Western Red Spring check cultivars, AAC W1876 had improved flour yield and lower flour ash. AAC W1876 is eligible for grades of Canada Western Red Spring.