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Enhancements in mechanical and electrical properties of carbon nanotube films by SiC and C matrix bridging

Zhang, Xiaoshan, Yang, Lingwei, Liu, Haitao
Journal of materials science 2018 v.53 no.15 pp. 11027-11037
carbon nanotubes, electrical conductivity, pyrolysis, shear strength, silicon carbide, tensile strength
Carbon nanotube (CNT) films have great potential for various applications due to their promising mechanical and electrical properties. However, their mechanical and electrical properties are still far lower than what is expected for engineering and electrical applications. This is due to the weak shear strength and high contact resistance between the CNTs and CNT bundles. In this study, the semi-conductive SiC and conductive C matrix were introduced into the CNT films by typical precursor infiltration and pyrolysis to enhance the shear strength and reduce the contact resistance. The SiC and C matrix was selected due to their high mechanical properties and good conductive natures. In addition, both the SiC matrix and C matrix can bond the CNTs tightly. As a result, the mechanical and electrical properties of the CNT films were significantly enhanced after the introduction of SiC and C matrix. Compared with the pure CNT film, the tensile strength was enhanced by ~ 6 times, and the electrical conductivity by > 1 time, after the introductions of SiC and C matrix. This work proposes a new route to prepare high-performance and conductive CNT-based films as multi-functional materials for engineering and electrical applications.