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Genetic dissection and fine mapping of a novel dt gene associated with determinate growth habit in sesame

Zhang, Yanxin, Wang, Linhai, Gao, Yuan, Li, Donghua, Yu, Jingyin, Zhou, Rong, Zhang, Xiurong
BMC genetics 2018 v.19 no.1 pp. 38
Sesamum indicum, breeding, cultivars, determinate growth, genetic analysis, genotyping by sequencing, mechanization, microsatellite repeats, molecular cloning, oil crops, recessive genes, single nucleotide polymorphism
BACKGROUND: As an important oil crop, growth habit of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) is naturally indeterminate, which brings about asynchronous maturity of capsules and causes loss of yield. RESULTS: The genetic basis of determinate growth habit in sesame was investigated by classical genetic analysis through multiple populations, results revealed that it was controlled by an unique recessive gene. The genotyping by sequencing (GBS) approach was employed for high-throughput SNP identification and genotyping in the F₂ population, then a high density bin map was constructed, the map was 1086.403 cM in length, which consisted of 1184 bins (13,679 SNPs), with an average of 0.918 cM between adjacent bins. Based on bin mapping in conjunction with SSR markers analysis in targeted region, the novel sesame determinacy gene was mapped on LG09 in a genome region of 41 kb. CONCLUSIONS: This study dissected genetic basis of determinate growth habit in sesame, constructed a new high-density bin map and mapped a novel determinacy gene. Results of this study demonstrate that we employed an optimized approach to get fine-accuracy, high-resolution and high-efficiency mapping result in sesame. The findings provided important foundation for sesame determinacy gene cloning and were expected to be applied in breeding for cultivars suited to mechanized production.