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Thermodynamics, transport phenomena, and electrochemistry of external field-assisted nonthermal food technologies

Misra, N. N., Martynenko, Alex, Chemat, Farid, Paniwnyk, Larysa, Barba, Francisco J., Jambrak, Anet Režek
Critical reviews in food science and nutrition 2018 v.58 no.11 pp. 1832-1863
bioprocessing, electric field, electrochemistry, industry, ingredients, thermodynamics
Interest in the development and adoption of nonthermal technologies is burgeoning within the food and bioprocess industry, the associated research community, and among the consumers. This is evident from not only the success of some innovative nonthermal technologies at industrial scale, but also from the increasing number of publications dealing with these topics, a growing demand for foods processed by nonthermal technologies and use of natural ingredients. A notable feature of the nonthermal technologies such as cold plasma, electrohydrodynamic processing, pulsed electric fields, and ultrasound is the involvement of external fields, either electric or sound. Therefore, it merits to study the fundamentals of these technologies and the associated phenomenon with a unified approach. In this review, we revisit the fundamental physical and chemical phenomena governing the selected technologies, highlight similarities, and contrasts, describe few successful applications, and finally, identify the gaps in research.