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Coupling coumarin to gold nanoparticles by DNA chains for sensitive detection of DNase I

Liu, Yonghua, Xu, Jiru, Wang, Qiong, Li, Mei-Jin
Analytical biochemistry 2018 v.555 pp. 50-54
DNA, coumarin, deoxyribonuclease I, energy transfer, fluorescence, nanogold, wavelengths
A kind of coumarin-modified gold nanoparticle by the bridge of dsDNA chains was designed and synthesized for sensitive detection of DNase I. The fluorescence of coumarin 343 at emission wavelengths of 491 nm excited at 440 nm was quenched by the gold nanoparticles due to the energy transfer process after the coumarin 343 was connected on the gold nanoparticles by DNA chains. When dsDNA chains were cut off by DNase I, the coumarin 343 molecules were released from gold nanoparticles and the fluorescence of coumarin 343 would be restored. The DNase I activity could be detected by this fluorescence assay with a high sensitivity based on the change of the energy transfer efficiency. The intensity of restored fluorescence is linearly related to the quantity of DNase I in the range from 1.0 to 40 mU/mL with a detection limit of 0.22 mU/mL. This design idea could render a useful way to develop similar molecular or enzyme sensor in analytical or biological fields.