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Aloe arborescens juice prevents EMF-induced oxidative stress and thus protects from pathophysiology in the male reproductive system in vitro

Solek, Przemyslaw, Majchrowicz, Lena, Koziorowski, Marek
Environmental research 2018 v.166 pp. 141-149
Aloe arborescens, DNA damage, apoptosis, biochemical pathways, cell cycle checkpoints, cell lines, cytotoxicity, free radicals, human health, juices, male reproductive system, men, mice, mutagens, oxidative stress, pathophysiology, reactive oxygen species, spermatogenesis, viability
More and more studies suggest that prolonged exposure to EMF may cause adverse biological effects and point directly to a significantly negative correlation between EMF and human health, especially men fertility. In our previous study, we reported that this could be related to the EMF-induced reactive oxygen species formation, followed by DNA damage, cell cycle arrest and apoptosis induction. In this study, we decided to expand our research by the search for substances which would prevent EMF-induced damage in spermatogenic cells. Such an agent seems to be Aloe arborescens Mill. juice, which was shown to possess a wide range of protective properties. The administration of aloe extract helps among others to prevent the formation of free radicals by various biochemical pathways. Therefore, the main aim of our study was to provide a significant knowledge concerning the mechanism involved in the multi-pathway cytoprotective response of aloe juice against EMF. The study was carried out in an in vitro mouse spermatogenesis pathway cell lines (GC-1 spg and GC-2 spd). Our results suggest that the aloe juice has many positive effects, especially for the cellular antioxidant systems by reducing the intracellular reactive oxygen species pool induced by EMF. In consequence, aloe juice prevents DNA damage, cell cycle arrest and therefore the viability and metabolic activity of both cell line tested are preserved. In conclusion, our study provides new insight into the underlying mechanisms through which aloe juice prevents spermatogenic cells from cytotoxic and genotoxic events.