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Troubles in the paradise: Litter and its scenic impact on the North Santa Catarina island beaches, Brazil

Corraini, Natália Ramos, de Souza de Lima, André, Bonetti, Jarbas, Rangel-Buitrago, Nelson
Marine pollution bulletin 2018 v.131 pp. 572-579
beaches, coasts, water pollution, watersheds, Brazil
Eight touristic beaches along the north coast of Santa Catarina Island, Brazil were assessed to determine litter influence on scenic quality. The application of the Coastal Scenic Evaluation System (CSES) categorized these beaches into four of the five available classes. Six of the investigated beaches belong to Class III (n = 3) and V (n = 3), while two beaches correspond to Class II and Class IV. Class I beaches were not found. A total amount of 4291 litter items weighing 29 kg were collected with average abundances of 0.29 items m2. Beach user's habits as well bad management practices along the adjoining river basins play an essential role on litter source, and are directly responsible for the decline of scenic quality of Santa Catarina Island Beaches. In fact, litter has a direct relation with the low scenic scores determined in the surveyed beaches.