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On air temperature distribution and ISO 7726-defined heterogeneity inside a typical greenhouse in Almería

García-Ruiz, Rubén A., López-Martínez, Javier, Blanco-Claraco, José L., Pérez-Alonso, José, Callejón-Ferre, Ángel J.
Computers and electronics in agriculture 2018 v.151 pp. 264-275
air temperature, greenhouses, solar radiation
Studies about the air temperature inside greenhouses are usually focused on the crop growth. However, the thermal environment inside greenhouses can affect the safety of the workers and also their productivity. This work focuses on the study of air temperature conditions with respect to workers following the requirements and methods gathered in ISO 7726, which indicates that measurements should be taken at different points in both, horizontal and vertical directions in order to study heterogeneous thermal environments. For the present work, data were gathered by the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) designed in our previous work, hereby extended by an experimental campaign carried out during a complete year in a typical greenhouse in Almeriía. The aim is performing a long-term study of air temperature inside a greenhouse as well as the assessment of air temperature heterogeneity. The results, which allow characterizing air temperature inside the greenhouse, prove the existence of patterns of heterogeneity as a function of the incidence of sunlight and time of day. During the analysed period, air temperature heterogeneity is mainly present in the central hours of the day and it is higher in the horizontal dimension rather than vertically. In addition, it has been observed that the vast majority of homogeneous days correlate with cloudy days. Finally, based on the results obtained some recommendations are presented for assessing the thermal environment of greenhouses.