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Multi-objective problem based operation and emission cots for heat and power hub model through peak load management in large scale users

Wei, Pengcheng, He, Fangcheng, Li, Li, Shi, Xi, Simoes, Rolando
Energy conversion and management 2018 v.171 pp. 411-426
air, decision making, electric power, emissions, energy, greenhouse gases, heat, linear programming, models
For the purpose of decreasing the release of greenhouse gases into the air, the emission concerns must be taken into account in evaluation of a large-scale user besides the economic concerns. Moreover, it is possible to utilize a multi-purpose energy center scheme to provide thermal and electrical energy by the large-scale users. Hence, this study suggests a new multi-objective model based on cost-emission, operation cost of large-scale user and efficiency of electrical storage system based on hub system with involvement of peak load management. In this model, the electrical storage system is considered as one of the objectives to be maximize. Compromise programming is suggested as a solution for the presented multi-objective method to achieve the Pareto solutions. Moreover, a new fuzzy decision making procedure is chosen in order to choose a trade-off solution by application of Enhanced Pareto filter. Ultimately, peak load management is applied to smooth the load curve and decrease the expenses and emissions regarding the operation. The suggested approach is defined as a mixed-integer linear program that is possible to be solved by implementing the proposed solution way. The proposed model is applied on two test cases and compared with achieved outcomes from other models in order to verify the functionality of the suggested method.