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New Host and Distributional Records for Nyctotherus cordiformis (Protista: Ciliophora) and Atractis africana (Nematoda: Atractidae) from Home's Hingeback Tortoise, Kinixys homeana (Testudines: Testudinidae), from the Republic of Benin, West Africa

McAllister, Chris T., Bursey, Charles R., Hartdegen, Ruston
Comparative parasitology 2018 v.85 no.1 pp. 109-111
Atractidae, Coccidiomorphea, Nyctotherus, Testudinidae, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, feces, helminths, larvae, protists, tortoises, trophozoites, Benin
Between December 2016 and February 2017, 17 Home's hingeback tortoise, Kinixys homeana, confiscated by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and originating from the Republic of Benin, Africa, had their feces examined for coccidian and helminth parasites. No coccidia were passing in their feces; however, 40 individual specimens of the nematode Atractis africana Ortlepp, 1933, were found in 1 tortoise as well as its larvae in another tortoise. In addition, trophozoites of the ciliate, Nyctotherus cordiformis were found in 2 K. homeana. This is the first report of A. africana from this host as well as a significant geographic record. Importantly, this is the initial helminth reported from K. homeana and the first time this nematode has been reported since the original description more than 80 yr ago.