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A Biodiversity Hotspot Heats Up: Nine New Species of Suckermouth Catfishes (Mochokidae: Chiloglanis) from Upper Guinean Forest Streams in West Africa

Schmidt, Ray C., Bart, Henry L., Pezold, Frank, Friel, John P.
Copeia 2017 v.105 no.2 pp. 301-338
Chiloglanis, biodiversity, catfish, forests, genetic variation, morphometry, new species, rivers, streams, watersheds, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Senegal
The widespread species, Chiloglanis occidentalis, is recorded in flowing waters from Senegal to Ghana. Recent studies of this species within the Upper Guinean Forests revealed genetic divergence among the populations sampled, suggesting the presence of several unconfirmed candidate species. A detailed study of these populations revealed morphological variation congruent with the molecular results. Nine new species are described herein: Chiloglanis camarabounyi, new species, Chiloglanis kolente, new species, Chiloglanis kabaensis, new species, Chiloglanis dialloi, new species, Chiloglanis loffabrevum, new species, Chiloglanis longibarbis, new species, Chiloglanis pezoldi, new species, Chiloglanis nzerekore, new species, and Chiloglanis tweddlei, new species. These new species, each endemic to specific river basins, are diagnosed through a combination of meristic and morphometric characters. Chiloglanis waterloti, from the Senegal and Niger river basins, is elevated from synonymy with Chiloglanis occidentalis, and Chiloglanis occidentalis is restricted to the Sassandra and Volta rivers in Côte d'Ivoire, and the Pra River in Ghana. A key for these new species and other species of Chiloglanis from the area is presented.