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The Draft Genome Sequence of a Novel High-Efficient Butanol-Producing Bacterium Clostridium Diolis Strain WST

Chen, Chaoyang, Sun, Chongran, Wu, Yi-Rui
Current microbiology 2018 v.75 no.8 pp. 1011-1015
Clostridium, acetone, acids, bacteria, butanol, ethanol, fermentation, genes, glucose, nucleotide sequences, sediments, sequence analysis
A wild-type solventogenic strain Clostridium diolis WST, isolated from mangrove sediments, was characterized to produce high amount of butanol and acetone with negligible level of ethanol and acids from glucose via a unique acetone-butanol (AB) fermentation pathway. Through the genomic sequencing, the assembled draft genome of strain WST is calculated to be 5.85 Mb with a GC content of 29.69% and contains 5263 genes that contribute to the annotation of 5049 protein-coding sequences. Within these annotated genes, the butanol dehydrogenase gene (bdh) was determined to be in a higher amount from strain WST compared to other Clostridial strains, which is positively related to its high-efficient production of butanol. Therefore, we present a draft genome sequence analysis of strain WST in this article that should facilitate to further understand the solventogenic mechanism of this special microorganism.