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Recombinant E2 protein enhances protective efficacy of inactivated bovine viral diarrhea virus 2 vaccine in a goat model

Chung, Yao-Chi, Cheng, Li-Ting, Zhang, Jia-Yu, Wu, Yue-Jyun, Liu, Shyh-Shyan, Chu, Chun-Yen
BMC veterinary research 2018 v.14 no.1 pp. 194
Bovine viral diarrhea virus, Bovine viral diarrhea virus 2, epitopes, fever, goats, immune response, leukopenia, models, neutralization, signs and symptoms (animals and humans), vaccines, viremia
BACKGROUND: Inactivated and subunit bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) vaccines have shown limited protective efficacy. This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a vaccine containing both inactivated BVDV (iBVDV) and baculovirus-expressed recombinant E2 (rE2), an important BVDV antigen with strongly neutralizing epitopes. RESULTS: Four groups of goats were immunized twice with one of four vaccine preparations: 1) iBVDV+rE2, 2) rE2, 3) iBVDV, and 4) saline, and challenged with BVDV. For goats vaccinated with the iBVDV+rE2 vaccine, no viremia was observed after challenge, and clinical signs, pyrexia, and leukopenia were reduced compared to the saline group. In contrast, for goats vaccinated with either iBVDV or rE2 alone, viremia was still detectable. CONCLUSION: The combination of iBVDV and rE2 elicited stronger protective immune responses against BVDV than iBVDV or rE2 alone.